How to access to TapJoy~!

It’s easy as pie! Having access to TapJoy is easy, and plus, you get FREE chips! (Updates daily, first try might result in 200 chips!)*

*You don’t GET 200 chips automatically; if you didn’t already download the free apps in the list, then you MIGHTMIGHT have a chance of getting appx. 150-200 chips.


iPhone 3GS, 4, iPad 1, 2

(currently unknown about whereabouts of TapJoy in Android)


1. Log on your Buddy Rush account

2. Go to the regular shop

3. The icon should be right here:

You can't miss it....

4. Click on it, and you’ll be automatically redirected to the TapJoy page.

NOTE: TapJoy allows you to download other apps to earn virtual currency. Even if you automatically log of your Buddy Rush while downloading the item, you will still get credit after you RUN it once! Do not forget!

That’s all you need to know~! :))

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4 Responses to How to access to TapJoy~!

  1. eric williams says:

    so you can only get the “free chips” one time right?

  2. and it’s “200 chips”? 🙂

    • LittyChan says:

      Approximately. Note that TapJoy also has offers that require money, but you can get 150-200 chips out of the free offers IF you never downloaded all the free apps listed. If you have downloaded them before you will not receive credit for downloading it again.

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