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Character guides by ME or donated by others! Check ’em out!

Oblinia Skill Guide~!

I’ve been rushing with my Oblinia lately, and I must say, she is impressive. truly impressive. certainly, you would want to bring her out in raid! *wink wink* Now, I want to make something clear. Most people I know started … Continue reading

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Betty Jr Skill Guide~!

Another guide donated by Ng Jing Xue! Thank you! Betty Jr is another Worrier and Choppin, tankers. But he has no Defensive Skills nor have it’s on specifc Equipment. Active Skill (most of them are like nagne’s skills) Superhead StoneHead: … Continue reading

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Wizz Skill Guide~!

THIS Guide was donated by Ng jing Xue! Thank you! Wizz is a character that uses his skills, he is really Skill Power dependent, which make his lightning skill very damaging. Active Skills Fire: Max Freeze: Lvl 1 Z-flash: Max … Continue reading

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Aikilu Skill Guide~!

This was a user-contributed guide! I have no matter to this whatsoever. If you have more information, please share with us! Thank you Ciccio and Anton Karl Mangoroban! xoxo Here is Anton’s guide! Looks like it’s for the true purpose … Continue reading

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Missing character guides! HELP PLEASE!

Rushers! ALERT! ALERT! We’re still missing the following skill guides: Aikilu Toxy Wizz Betty Jr Arpu Do you know anything about these characters? PLEASE send me a message through Facebook! Tell me EVERYTHING you know about the character! We need … Continue reading

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Botherella Skill Guide

Botherella. The devious girl we all know of with her sidekick Wolfgang. The princess known in Buddy Rush. We all know and love her about her special abilities: to be able to curse, and to summon a dog. Isn’t that … Continue reading

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Shield or Heal?- the pros and cons.

Hello! Today we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of Healury’s shield and heal! Many had asked: which one should I pick?! I can’t possibly level them ALL at once! HEAL DA PROS: 1. This skill has a relatively … Continue reading

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